How to Use 

Upload your template to your server.
IMPORTANT: Your hosting should have SSL certificate. This is a services that can be included to your hosting or provided for extra payment. We recommend you to contact your hosting provider and ask about this before installation.

1. Login or create your facebook account at

2. Create a page at Click on “Company, Organization, Institution Block”, afterwards choose a category, enter your company name and then hit the button “Get Started”.

3. Set your profile picture if you wish and then click continue button.

4. If you want you can add some basic information about your page. Click continue button.

5. Find 'Static iframe app' tab. (

6. Go to app.

7. Install it. Select your fan page. Click add page tab.

8. You will see the tab settings

8. Follow our settings. You have to insert your page URL. Your URL should start from "https://...". Click Save.

9. Click View Tab. If you click Stats you can see detailed statics

9. If you click Stats you can see detailed statics

10. Add you cover image

Save changes

11. Your fan page is READY! Click on your app.


If you want a unique name of your fan page, follow here and assign a name.

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